Small beginnings

D.E.B.Cal (the Designing Efficient Buildings Calculator) was conceived in response to the introduction of SANS 10400 Part XA in 2011.

Design professionals struggling to cope with the copious amount of new information and additional workload required, were looking for answers. Dino Vieira was one such professional, and in an effort to streamline the processes set out in the National Building Regulations (NBR), he created a personal calculator that produced astonishing results :

D.E.B.Cal reduced the time spent on calculations by up to 90%.
Not only delivering speed but also a high degree of accuracy,
suddenly PART XA compliance was made easy!

An organic process unfolded where with his new tool, Dino was able to assist other architects in the field. Within a short time, this grew into a full-time service and the registration of Designing Efficient Buildings Calculator (trading as D.E.B.Cal) as a company in 2012.


From performing Prescriptive Route assessments, D.E.B.Cal expanded to include Rational Designs/Reference Buildings using energy modelling and also Green Star Rated Buildings. We provide specialised Energy Efficiency consulting to architects and developers. We work closely with design teams to realise noteworthy savings in time and money, all the while...


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